Weekly classes:

To ensure class sizes are managed we kindly ask you to get in touch to check availability to put your name down before turning up. No need to wait for the beginning of a term, you can join at any point.

Taster Sessions:
Your first 2-4 classes are charged as taster sessions at £5.50 each to allow your child to settle. Once your child is comfortable in the class I kindly ask you to purchase a flexible stamp card.

Flexible stamp card:
Unlike many other class providers we don't charge you for the odd missed session (ie illness etc). Our 6-session stamp card costs £33 and allows you to attend 6 sessions over a 3 month period. Your child collects a 'super dancer' stamp on their card at the end of each session. Once you have used your 6 sessions and your card is full, it's time to purchase a new stamp card. Flexible stamp cards can be purchased at any point in the term.

If you work shifts, please contact me to arrange an alternative payment plan.

Sibling & Childminder discount:

Only pay full price for one child. Then a reduced price of just £2.50 for a sibling or further childminder child attending the same class. Baby siblings can be brought along for free.
If you are bringing more than one extra child please consult us beforehand.